Football Basics: These Tips Will Help You Get It

 Becoming a great football player takes a lot of practice. It takes time to develop the speed, strength and stamina that a great player needs for the game. Below are some tips to help your practice sessions more productive and to help you develop the game skills that you need to score those winning points.

Condition yourself more for practice, then for the game of football itself. While you need to be ready for game day, practice will take the most out of you physically. Therefore, it's vital that your conditioning keep you up to par in practice and making a good impression there, to avoid much bench time.

Pay attention to your fellow players. You must respect teammates, as they have the same goals as you. The input you receive from them may give you some good ideas about how to skunk the other team.

Work on kicking abilities regularly. Kicking is as important as throwing or tackling. Most players just don't work on kicking. Someone on the team must be able to kick that ball for a field goal.

Don't concern yourself over your weight immediately. You may think that you need to gain a ton of weight to be a great football player, but really all you are doing is becoming fat and slow. More important is your conditioning. You want to be able to perform with the weight on you, so consider adding weight on slowly and with a good fitness plan.

Treat all of your fellow players, even your opposition, with the respect they deserve. Football is a taxing sport on body and mind. Everyone that plays is a warrior in his own right. It shows great courage and teamwork. Keep that in mind, and don't react poorly to misplays and losing. Treat your fellow players the way you'd want to be treated.

Use ladder drills to boost your agility and coordination. These are critical to effective training for football. The idea is to imagine a ladder and that you are stepping into each square, then out again, eventually reaching the top rung. You must do this correctly, so watch videos of how the pros do it.

Build power and muscles by training with box jumps. Make sure you have a very sturdy large box with a height between 2 feet and 3 feet, determined by your own height. Jump onto the edge of the box repeatedly, straightening your back each time you reach the top of the box. Repeat up to 20 times.

Keep yourself hydrated. This goes for both practices and game time too. You know that football is extremely physical, and when you add extreme weather and sweating to the mix, you've got the potential for a serious dehydration situation. It's important to keep drinking water throughout the practice sessions and the games.

Hand-eye coordination is needed to catch a pass. To practice hand-eye-coordination gather your teammates together and form a circle. One person should stand in the center of the circle and begin passing the ball around. Once the ball has been passed to everyone, widen the circle by taking a couple of steps backwards.

Flexibility is just as important to a football player as body mass and speed. Don't limit stretching to the few minutes prior to practice or games. Instead, make stretching an integral part of everyday activities. Focus on your back, hamstrings, glutes and hips. Even if you only have five minutes, take advantage of them.

Stretch properly before practices and before every game and practice. This will ensure that your body is ready to go when game time comes. Warming up reduces your risk for injuries during drills and games. It also keep your muscles in good health and is a great way to slowly increase your heart rate.

Look for local training programs to better your regimen. Some gyms may offer football-specific classes or courses which can help you build your skills before the season starts, or even during it. Their expertise can give you advice which you couldn't get from your coach or other players on your team.

Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated during football games and practice. Football is a high-energy sport that requires a constant expenditure of energy. Major football players avoid unhealthy, sugar-laden beverages such as sodas. It is best to drink water or beverages with electrolytes.

Wear the proper gear at all times. You may think you are just practicing and you don't need those shoulder pads and helmet, but that can lead to serious issues. This is a physically demanding sport that needs protective gear at all times. Don't take it for granted, or you could end up with extensive injuries.

To run down the game clock, make sure that the receivers and running backs on the other team stay within bounds. If you can keep them on the field, the clock won't be stopped and will instead run out. If your lead is large enough, you don't have to do this.

Try to stay in your coach's good graces. Don't be the one who is always late then wonder what is wrong. Arrive on time, work hard and show your coach you are serious. Your coach will notice and begin allowing you to play more.

It is important to pick yourself back up after a crushing loss. Instead of feeling guilty for a bad game, learn from your mistakes and try your best at the next game. Talk with your teammates to find out what worked and what didn't work and apply what you learn to your workout routine.

Kids can learn many things from football. Children learn that nothing is easy in life. Most things won't come easily; they require dedication and hard work. No football team is ever handed a win, they have to earn it. That's the same for living. You don't simply get handed the best jobs. You've got to earn them.

As you know, Becoming a great football player doesn't happen overnight. It will take many hours and days of practice to get you to where you want to be as a player It takes determination and motivation. Use the hints from above to help you make your practice sessions more productive and become a better player.

Finding A Truck To Tow A Toy Hauler

So you got yourself a new ATV or fun runner, but you are wondering how in the world you are going to find a truck that can stand the weight of your toy hauler. This is a common dilemma for new owners of these big toys. This article shows which trucks are able to tow a toy hauler; including features, weight capacity, and other pertinent information.

Ford F550 4X4 Hauler

The Ford F550 4X4 Hauler is a good choice for transporting a toy hauler over long distances. The F550 has been in a class of pickup trucks that have been the best in America for 24 years and running. Some features of this powerful and durable truck are the fact that it is not only tough, but has an attractive body frame. The truck has a 6.4 liter Powerstroke Turbo diesel engine. The GVWR is 17,950. It includes dual fuel tanks, so you can travel long distances without having to stop for a fill-up. It also features a Tow Command System with a high capacity trailer tow package. Other interesting features about this truck include heated captain chairs, all weather floor mats, plus many other appealing features.

Chevy Silervado 3500HD L2

The Chevy Silverado 3500HD L2 model is perfect for hauling a toy hauler. It costs considerably less than the Ford F550 mentioned above, and can do just about the same job. Some highlights of the 3500HD include a 6.0 V8 engine, automatic transmission with a tow haul mode, and can pull up to a maximum of 18,500 pounds. Other nice features about this truck include your choice of extended or crew cab options, as well as an integrated trailer breaker control. This vehicle has won its share of awards for its outstanding performance.

GMC Sierra 2500HD

The GMC Sierra 2500HD costs about the same as a Chevy Silverado 3500HD. It was voted the Best Pickup Truck in 2007 by Motor Week. The truck comes in two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, and can pull a load of about 13,000 to 16,000 pounds, which is usually sufficient for hauling an ATV or fun runner. Other pertinent features of this truck include 6.0L SFI V8 engine, antilock four-wheel disc brakes, as well as fog lamps and 17-inch wheels. Safety features include the On-Star system, air bags, and a theft-deterrent system.

Dodge Ram 3500

The Dodge Ram 3500 is an excellent choice for pulling a toy hauler. It can haul up to 16,350 pounds easily. The truck packs a 6.7L turbo diesel engine, along with an option for four-wheel drive. The Dodge Ram also has other interesting features, such air bags with side-impact protection, options for a four-door or two-door model, and many other features to meet the needs of the individual purchasing the vehicle.

As you can see, there are quite a few options when it comes to finding a truck to pull your toy hauler. A lot of what you choose to buy will depend on price, whether you want to buy new or used, and what other features besides pulling capacity are important to you Folks have been happy with each of the models of trucks listed above, so now it is time for you to start researching what truck is best for your needs.


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